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Dave's Blog

One Year Ago

Dave Clark

One year ago today I started this journey and my new life with cancer.  As I look back on this year it was the best and worst year of my life- thankfully so many more good days than bad!  My mantra has become hope, strength, and determination.  Each and every morning the first thought that comes into my head as I wake up is always “cancer”- it’s always my first thought.  My second thought is “hope, strength and determination”- most days I have these things and they can be powerful feelings and emotions.  I learned or perhaps I was forced into looking at things very differently than I had in the past.  So often we take things and maybe even people for granted- I hate to say it but I think I had done just that…I don’t do that so much anymore.  I’ve learned a lot this year- I hope that I am a better person. 

Life is really a beautiful thing and I’ve learned you don’t have to look too far to see it.  May sound strange but I enjoy my life today more than I have in the past…each day seems to hold a bit more significance and meaning.  I’m learning as I go…