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Dave's Blog

February 10, 2016

Dave Clark

How to “F” cancergot your attention? 

I’ve said before I am not an expert on lung cancer but a few things that have seemed to work for me over the past 13 months to help me “F” it;

Keep your friends close.  Keep your family closer.

Have faith in your higher power and faith in your treatment team.

Keep as fit as you can and your food as close to the ground as you can get it (stay far away from processed stuff).  Staying active can be unbelievably challenging when the fatigue sets in but I think the body is meant to move.

Fluid- stay hydrated, I know this part is really tough.  I keep a daily journal on how much water I take in, how many steps I take, etc.  Many times you have to force yourself to do things and I know it is hard.

Allow yourself to falter- cancer can be a heavy burden and after all we are human.  Acknowledge your feelings; explore them and understand them.  Sometimes it hurts but sometimes it can also be insightful and really awesome.

If you do falter it’s fine- don’t be too hard on yourself.   After you falter, focus the energy within you and fight and within the fight you will find yourself.  Focus on living and know you can be strong.

The only word underlined twice is fight; I did that for a reason.

…and remember, “F” cancer.