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Dave's Blog

Dave Clark

On one hand it seems like a long time since I was first diagnosed but in reality it has only been 13 months.  In the days following the initial diagnosis I would write down spontaneous notes of how I felt at any given time.  The ‘diary’ was a new concept to me (really???  I need to write down my thoughts and feelings? - for those who know me you may stop chuckling now!).  I must admit it does help to write your thoughts down- burdens are relieved; cathartic in a strange way.  Anyhow, I would put these notes into my cell- the notes spontaneous and random; I simply wrote what I was feeling at that particular moment in time.  While looking through my phone today I came across this reflection…

2.17.15- “It can be interesting to see what you find when all of the materialistic facade is removed and all you have to look at is yourself; your relationships, your values, the bumps and bruises, the imperfections, the vulnerabilities- the world that you created…there is much I can learn and perhaps this is a new opportunity, perhaps a chance to learn and grow and change, an opportunity afforded to those directly facing their own mortality.  It would be such a waste to not grasp onto and acknowledge this part of life- I hope that I am strong enough to do so”.

We are all so much stronger than we know.