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Dave's Blog

February 28, 2016

Dave Clark

So I get up this morning- not depressed but just ‘kinda blah’, not ‘feelin’ it’ if you will.  I put my cold coffee in the microwave and heat it up.  Take a sip- cold, huh.  I put the coffee back in the microwave, sit down, take another sip- still cold.  Really- what the hell?  So this is how we’re rollin’ today- ok.  Put the coffee in the microwave a THIRD time…this time I watched the coffee go around and around in the microwave for a full 60 seconds- tasted it, burnt my lip.  Yup, microwave is working…well ‘good morning to you’ I thought.  As it turns out I hadn’t put the coffee in the microwave the first two times.  Ugh.  I stared out the back window into the woods wondering if this is ‘chemo brain’ or simply the result of me being distracted this morning.  Today is one of those days that I just wished I didn’t have cancer…then a fairly unusual site.  I am looking into a forest clearing through the kitchen window and I see the most beautiful grey fox.  I’ve seen her before but infrequently- she is an elusive creature.  The sun was shining brightly on her full grey coat, her tail thick and bushy as she surveys her surroundings.  Within seconds she darts off into the woods just after allowing me only seconds but long enough that I could admire her beauty…I needed that this morning- a brief yet beautiful synergy with nature.