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Dave's Blog

February 4, 2016

Dave Clark

What a week…somewhat of a roller coaster week of emotions but altogether an interesting week to say the least.   I learned a few things this week; since Sunday I have learned how to ‘tweet’, I can post pics on Instagram although I haven’t done it yet and I was able to download the Facebook app.  I rarely lose my temper but one thing that generally raises my blood pressure is ‘technology’.  I can text message really well but anything more than that tends to confuse me and makes me mad…I am learning to embrace technology and I am letting go of the anger :  ).

I held my first lung cancer support group this past Tuesday.  I wasn’t sure if anybody would show or ten people would show.  As it turns out one person who has cancer did come and to that person I thank you for coming; you are strong- remember hope, strength and determination.  It took strength to come- be strong!

Getting back to technology for a minute…through these newly found “skills” I have heard from so many people- family, friends and people that I haven’t spoken to in years.  I have heard from people I have never met.  In many of the messages were comments about how strong or inspiring I am in how I am managing cancer.  The truth be told I had some difficult moments this week and it was not me that was inspiring but rather it was me who was inspired by you- thank you to everyone for your kind words, your words of hope and for your kindness.  Look for my Tweets and tags and texts and pics…a whole new world has been opened to me!