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Dave's Blog

Because I can today...

Dave Clark

I’m not quite accustomed to being the “center of attention” like I’ve been this week.  With the attention comes a mix and flood of emotions.  I am very thankful for all the love and support however I have to admit there were times this week that I secretly wished the attention was for climbing Everest and not because I am climbing with lung cancer.    

With all the attention this week I have had to remind myself to stay grounded, humble and appreciative.  My goals remain the same; to raise awareness about lung cancer, to advocate, to raise money for research and above all, for all cancer patients, to feel a sense of peace and hope.  I have heard this week “you are so brave Dave”- fact of the matter is that I don’t think I am brave; I think what I have is hope.  I am not any stronger that you…

I have also heard from a few folks with cancer “I can’t climb mountains like you”- we all have our own mountains and our own individual challenges.  Next weekend my mountain will be Whiteface Mountain or Giant Mountain in the ADK (I hope) - for others it may be walking out to the yard and feeling the warmth of the sun on their/your face.  For someone in pain or for someone without hope, for someone feeling alone or despair the walk to the front yard is as much of a challenge as any mountain to be climbed.  I write this post with humility and with the realization that I may need to read these same words that I have written next year to ‘inspire’ myself to go to the yard and feel the sun on my face…