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Dave's Blog

To climb or not to climb...

Dave Clark

I was scheduled to go to the Adirondacks this weekend and continue on the quest to tag the Adirondack 46ers.  When I look at the variables involved I have to question if trying to summit Cascade and Porter mountains is the prudent thing to do.  On one hand Cascade and Porter are not the 46ers most aggressive climbs; in fact they are considered some of the easier summits to tag.  The conditions are moderately icy, little to no snow is expected (although that can quickly change on the mountain), the wind-chill is predicted to be minus 2 to minus 8 with the temperature not leaving the single digits.  By the time Matt and I are to climb I will only be 22 days post-op and only out of the hospital 16 days.  I haven’t been able to do cardio until two days ago…after all they did take a large piece of my lung out (give me a break on the cardio- I was tired!).  The remaining variable is that I have to be home Sunday which means a drive 5 ½ hours to Keene Valley Friday night, get to the climbing area about 3am Saturday, sleep in the truck until 7am (it’s a rather nice and surprisingly comfortable truck), climb a few peaks and drive home by 2am Sunday morning?  There is only one thing to do after weighing these variables…go climb Cascade and Porter and see what happens!!!  Stay tuned…it’s all good!