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Dave's Blog

What a week...

Dave Clark

March 4th- Matt and I get the bright idea to drive to the Adirondacks Friday night instead of Saturday morning.  At about 1:30 am we decide it’s about time to get some sleep…in a parking lot adjacent to a D&D in Lake George, we’ve made better decisions (it was convenient when we needed coffee at 5am when hypothermia started to set in, - 5 degrees).  I thought my truck would be warmer, it wasn’t.  Maybe next time we’ll arrange for better accommodations.

March 5th- Matt and I summited Cascade and Porter Mountains; to say it was an amazing day would be an understatement, the day was perfect.  Three of the 46ers have been summited- we are on our way.  My Fitbit registered 22,890 steps with 265 floors climbed- a bit over 6.4 miles, not bad for  having lung surgery three weeks prior- I felt good climbing.  The temp started at 5 degrees, minus 4 wind-chill, a perfect day in the “Daks”.  I think Giant Mountain may be next.

March 7th- thank you to Jerry Carino and the Asbury Park Press for a great article and for their support in raising awareness about lung cancer.  Jerry, thank you for your professionalism and providing an environment that I could speak openly about lung ca- I am very thankful to you and to the APP!!!

March 8th- thank you to Scott Rapoport and to the team at CBS 2 New York!  A story aired tonight on CBS 2 which focused on my fight to survive lung cancer.  Scott asked pertinent, very straight forward and meaningful questions; we had open and honest dialogue and it was captured on film…I think my wife and children will look back on this footage a few years from now and they will smile (I hope I am with them!).  My granddaughters will see this story in a few years and they will realize that they are so precious to me; this is truly very important to me.  For those with cancer or those who have loved ones with cancer I hope the message that you felt in this story is one of hope.  Thank you Scott for your sincerity and ability to ask the difficult question with empathy.