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Dave's Blog

We have your back.

Dave Clark

I’m frequently asked how I can be so positive in light of my diagnosis; in other words don’t I get “down”?  Don’t I have “bad days”?  I get asked these questions from a lot of different folks but I seem to get asked this more from people with cancer or other chronic disease- almost as if they are doing something wrong if they are not “positive” all the time.  While I am generally positive and an optimist I don’t want to mislead anyone; yea- I have bad days.  Occasionally I have really bad days… like this past Sunday. 

I’m not sure ‘why’ but it was just one of those days where having cancer sucked…started with a home project putting a TV stand together, no big deal right?  One of the side effects of chemo is neuropathies or numbness in your fingers and toes.  I can’t tell you how many tiny little screws I dropped over and over and over…then the cramps in my foot, just one thing after another… a project that should have taken an hour took more than four hours.  Are you kidding me I thought?  I was feeling a bit sorry for myself when I received the following text from Tracy Connellan (am awesome paramedic!)- “Jake, Mike and I are going to run the Marine Corps half in support of you in May…Team Clark”.  These folks are having shirts made in support and running a half marathon in Virginia- the idea brought about by a 16 year old named Jake who I had only met once prior.  At one point during the exchange of texts with Tracy, Jake sent me the following “Hi Dave, we have your back”; such a simple comment that meant so much, really a very powerful statement.  Jake- you have no idea how awesome it was to hear that and to know that you were thinking of me-thank you!   Jake, Mike and Tracy- crush the half!!!    My day only got better from there...thank you Team Clark!