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Dave's Blog


Dave Clark

First time using my phone to post so please forgive and typos.  Haven't been on social media for a few weeks- I think my last post was after the article.  Why?  For me that article said 'it all'- I think it was beautifully written and that it captured my thoughts of hope, of love, perseverance and of family (love the pic of my family in that article).  The support and well wishes I've received has been tremendous however where are the lung cancer advocates???  I've been told that no one wants to talk about lung cancer and the media is disinterested?  Nothing could be further from the truth in my experience; so many people have commented so positively on my efforts and of those journalists who have helped tell my story.  From the lung cancer community...crickets.  No one wants to talk about lung cancer? is someone, CBS NY is many positive comments from the 'non-cancer' community but again, crickets from the lung cancer community.  I bet if I posted negative 'crap' about 'f cancer', 'cancer sucks', 'no one cares', 'woe is me' that my ramblings would get a million likes...just an observation.  I haven't 'opened up' to get 'likes' but it is telling that there are very, very few comments, likes or interest from the lung cancer community but much interest from others.

Today I'm going to be walking in the woods post immunotherapy and I will be smiling my butt off that I am still alive and kicking...maybe I'll hear some crickets while on my walk.