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Dave's Blog

“It’s not the mountain we conquer...”

Dave Clark

This past Sunday I hiked Hunter Mountain via Becker Hollow Trail in the Catskills Mountains.  Hunter Mountain stands at 4,040 feet and is rated as a “difficult” hike.  While filming a video in September (more on that later), I met Ron Rosen who interviewed me for the shoot.  Ron and I got along right away.  Ron had made mention that it would be great to hike together- that’s all it took to get us into the mountains just a few short weeks later.

Ron had said he wanted a mountain experience for his first hike, so why not the second highest peak in the Catskills for your introductory hike?  Despite the difficult climb, Ron hung in there, no quitting although many would have bailed as the weather worsened and the climb became more difficult.  He crushed it.  No, it wasn’t an Everest or K2 climb but it’s still a mountain...Sir Edmund Hilliary said “it’s not the mountain we conquer but ourselves”.  Ron conquered some things the other day and he isn’t the only one, I did as well.  Although I climbed Hunter Mountain once before, with each mountain I climb I conquer something, something not easily put into words.  Perhaps cancer is like that mountain and with each summit I feel strong- at least for that moment.  Climbs are tough, cancer is tough- I’m up for both.  What song was running though my head during the climb?  Tom Petty’s classic  “I Won’t Back Down”.  Well said Mr. Petty.